Gardener in Wilmslow

Gardener in Poynton Northern Landscapes is available as your gardener in Poynton. Perhaps it never occurred to you to hire a gardener or maybe you think people would think you are too lazy to do it yourself. That kind of thinking might just be what you learned as a kid. The grown-ups were trying to teach you that you have to work hard to maintain your home. Then, a lot of them had their kids mowing and pulling weeds. Well, we’re guessing you do work hard and your kids are learning to work hard too. It’s just that nobody in the family wants to work hard at gardening. Some people do, but you have other places to put your energy. However, you would like to have a really nice garden, right?

Our team at Northern Landscapes can make that happen. For you in Poynton, gardener services are exactly where we want to put our energy. People usually do well that which they love to do and we are good. Our team of landscape designers, landscapers and maintenance gardeners have been established for nearly fourteen years. We are a Royal Horticultural Society award winning team. Our areas of expertise include both commercial and domestic properties throughout the North West. Choose just the services you want help with or choose a full service beginning with a garden design, then installation and finally our professional maintenance service.

As a gardener in Poynton, we would ask you to look out your garden window. Think about what you see and what you would like to see. Then contact us for a consultation in your garden. Maybe you imagine big flowering blooms, perfectly trimmed shrubs, grass cut to a soft green cushion. How about a water feature, stonework and some ornamental trees? Let your imagination go wild because you work hard and you deserve a beautiful view. Natural beauty helps relieve stress. Your garden area doesn’t have to be huge to bring beauty to your view. An in town sized garden, acreage and everything in between fall within our expertise. Don’t forget the kerb side of your property. We can make that very appealing as well.

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