Gardener in Timperley

Gardener in TimperleyChoose Northern Landscapes as your gardener in Timperley. When you do, you get an award-winning group of well-established experts. Our expertise includes garden design, landscape installation and timely maintenance. We have an impressive client base that includes small domestic gardens, expansive estates, local commercial properties, schools, property managers and more. The earth is the earth regardless of zoning, so our knowledge applies to golf courses and your back garden. Our area of service is all of South Manchester and the surrounding suburbs. Customer service has been our priority since we established our company in 2007. We believe customers care as much about how they are treated as they do about our expertise.

Expertise is just as important to us as it is our clients. In Timperley, gardener team members working with Northern Landscapes are carefully selected from the best available. We are fortunate to be able to maintain a low turnover rate. We are not only able to offer highly professional services but we can do it with a high level of dependability. We want to be the number one gardeners in the area because we’re sure that’s who our clients want to hire. So far, we are getting great reviews in all the attributes that matter. We can direct you to examples of our garden expertise located throughout the area; both domestic and commercial, simple and extravagant.

As your gardener in Timperley, we like to find out what you would most enjoy in your outdoor space. We meet with you to discuss design, plantings, those focal points like patios,  water features, decks, fencing and more. We’ll quote you a price including maintenance of new or existing gardens and features. We keep our prices as low as possible and guarantee our customers satisfaction.  We can hedge it all about and even add a garden shed. Contact Northern Landscapes and tell us your vision for your garden. We will make that vision a reality and if you want us to, we’ll come back every week and maintain what we’ve created. If it’s just maintenance you need on a weekly or quarterly schedule, you can count on us.

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