Garden Maintenance in Wilmslow

Garden Maintenance in Wilmslow Your crew for garden maintenance in Wilmslow may slowly decline in number leaving you with the bulk of the work. The weekends when your family worked together to mow, plant, water and pull weeds have seen a dwindling in labourers. Then one day it’s just you and your spouse doing all the work and complaining about your achy back and knees. Those ungrateful kids now have lives and maybe gardens of their own. You know it’s supposed to be that way but likely you still need help now and probably more help in years to come. At Northern Landscapes, we are used to achy backs and knees. They’re a small price to pay for doing what we love and working outside to create and maintain beautiful landscapes.

Northern Landscapes is a team of experienced, award winning experts. For our customers in Wilmslow, garden maintenance is one of our services. We also design and landscape gardens for all sized  properties. We can incorporate a beautiful stone driveway and/or patio into your landscape as well. Our maintenance division provides service to homeowners, commercial building owners, schools and health care facilities. Each maintenance contract is tailored to the individual needs of the property and the property owner. For empty nesters, we can mow every week, pull weeds and carry out autumn and spring clean-up. At any time, we can add tree trimming, garden redesign and installation, mulching, planting and more.  Our rates are affordable.

Has it occurred to you that your garden maintenance in Wilmslow could be carried out by someone other than yourself? Probably not because you’re used to caring for your home yourself. Maybe now is a good time to consider that. After all, you’ve earned it. It’s nice to relax and enjoy  your garden after working all week at your job. Contact Northern Landscapes for a free maintenance quote. We can help weekly, seasonally or even while you’re away on holiday, We’ve got all the labour and time saving equipment for a professional finish every time. When you have no lawn maintenance you don’t have to maintain and store a lot of equipment and supplies. You could maybe clean all that stuff out of your garage.

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