Garden Maintenance in Hale Barns

Garden Maintenance in Hale BarnsIt’s wise to think about good quality garden maintenance in Hale Barns especially since summer is not too far away. Many garden enthusiasts quail at the thought of the regular, boring, hard work that goes into maintenance. They feel that it takes away some of the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful green space. Unfortunately, when gardens are badly maintained, they tend to look sloppy, disorganised and unkempt. At Northern Landscapes, we create and maintain lovely gardens that give pleasure and promote good health and joy. We are a well-established, Royal Horticultural Society award-winning team of highly trained, experienced experts who are proficient in garden design, landscaping and maintenance. Though we’re primarily based in the North West, our client base extends beyond this region.

For not-so-keen gardeners in Hale Barns, garden maintenance experts employed by us will handle the nuts and bolts aspect of gardening. This leaves you free to enjoy the more pleasant aspects of having a garden. What sets us apart is our 100% focus on detail. We are proud of our high standards and our customer-oriented, friendly and professional approach. No matter how big or small your project, we’re glad to be of assistance. Our experts strive to match your own unique needs, preferences and budget. Our comprehensive range of maintenance services includes lawn mowing/cutting, tidy-ups, regular visits to take care of whatever is required. We specialize in soft landscaping, turfing, installing fences and gates, maintaining garden furniture, cleaning patios and driveways. Our staff has been trained in the use of modern cutting and cleaning equipment.

We also give you the right advice and tips on garden maintenance in Hale Barns. When you employ a professional firm, it saves you the trouble of purchasing or renting garden machinery and tools, storing them and keeping them in a good condition. Gardening requires constant vigilance to get rid of bugs and pests. Our experts can help to eliminate harmful worms and insects that could destroy flowers, trees, plants and fruits. For more information about our garden maintenance services, contact us today. Another aspect of garden maintenance that we take care of is to cut back old growth and prune excessive growth that spoils the look of your garden.

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