Garden Maintenance in Ashley

Garden Maintenance in Ashley Some people love garden maintenance in Ashley. For them, gardening is therapeutic. They love getting down on their knees, bending their backs and dipping their hands in the soil. The ants, bees and mosquitoes are their friends. Their garden shed looks like a store display; all the right tools, kept clean, shiny and organised. For them, a day spent splitting and replanting hostas with the sun on their back is a day well spent. For the rest of you, there is Northern Landscapes. It’s not that you don’t love a beautiful garden and lawn; you do. In fact, you could sit and look at it all day. You love the scent of the flowers and the green grass against a blue sky. It’s your thinking place where you relax.

What you don’t want to think about is the weeds that need to be pulled, trees that need pruning and lawn that needs fertiliser. Besides, in Ashley, garden maintenance means the grass will grow faster and you can’t keep up with mowing it now. You already have a full time job, kids that keep you on the go and other family obligations. All you want to think about is a tee time and then nothing. So you do your job and we’ll do ours. For you, we will create a garden that complements your style of home. In your garden will be the colours and scents you like best. The turf will be sturdy enough for kids to play without leaving mud patches. Then, we will wake up your garden each spring and put it to bed before winter. In between we will keep the weeds away, feed and fertilise, cultivate and prune and mow your lawn to perfection.

Garden maintenance in Ashley is one of our many services. We offer affordable rates for our customers. What we bring to you is decades of experience in all areas of garden design, maintenance and healthy durability. We will create a beautiful and soft frame of colour and foliage to set off your home and business. Guests will have an immediate feeling of good taste as a first impression. Contact us and let’s walk your garden together. We’ll advise you on the many options available to you based on your favourites. Then we’ll show you how we’ll bring it all to fruition and maintain it for your pride and enjoyment.

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