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Landscaper in BowdonWith the help of our landscaper in Bowdon, you can transform your boring garden into a beautiful and exciting one.  At Northern Landscapes, we specialise in garden maintenance throughout Cheshire, and whether you need help with your garden; getting the first lawn cut of the season, or regular maintenance, we have a team of landscape and maintenance experts. We provide specialist garden services to both residential and commercial clients. We also pride ourselves of the high level of service that we provide, paying attention to every detail while being friendly and approachable and maintaining a professional attitude.

Gardening and landscaping require more than just skills, they require a bit of a creative mind and an artistic approach. In Bowdon, our landscaper can easily transform your dreary garden into one of the most beautiful havens on earth. Whether it’s small or rather large, we have the labour required, the skill, and the spirit to metamorphose your garden into a green and lush area, perfect for spending time with your children or even to have garden tea or BBQ parties! Summer won’t last long, but we will be glad to help you achieve your dream of a beautiful garden. If you don’t have the energy or the patience to work on your garden, we also do contract work. In other words, we can set up a weekly or monthly schedule to visit your garden and work on it so that it remains beautiful throughout the year. Green gardens with beautiful colourful flowers and lush plants do not just happen, it takes constant effort and energy to grow and monitor them.

Our landscaper in Bowdon can also assist you with the construction of patios, steps, fencing and water features. If you would like our assistance to have an awesome outdoor space and a beautiful garden, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are Marshalls approved patio specialists and we are qualified to install porcelain patios, granite, as well as limestone.  We can also enhance the look of your driveway to create instant kerb appeal!

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