Gardener in Handforth

Landscaper in AltrinchamOur professional and expert landscaper in Altrincham can change the whole look of your garden and your home. No matter how big or small your garden is we can design the perfect garden for you and your family to enjoy. We can install a pond or water feature and can design your new garden with lights that allow you to utilise your garden to its full potential both day and night. We will work with you to find a layout that suits your individual requirements. People with young children will have different needs from people whose children have left home. A family with small children may want an area of the garden suitable for play and without any plants that may be toxic.

If your garden has been allowed to run wild you need a professional landscaper. In Altrincham, landscaper teams are being used by busy people who do not get the time to look after their gardens. We can offer maintenance to keep your garden looking beautiful year-round. We can plant trees for a lovely shady spot in an area that lets you enjoy your garden on a lovely summer’s day. We can design traditional gardens or modern gardens and will make sure that your favourite plants and flowers take pride of place.  We know which plants will do well in certain areas and can incorporate a number of different plants that will let you have a stunning garden year-round.

We are an affordable landscaping company that was founded in 2007 to provide a proficient landscaper in Altrincham and other areas in the North West of England. Contact Northern Landscapes today and we will visit your home or business to see how we can help you establish and maintain a beautiful garden. Our success has been founded on our reliability, attention to detail and professional and knowledgeable service. We have happy customers who range from small private gardens up to public companies and include schools business parks, property management companies and colleges. All our workers are trained and employed by our company and are expert in all the various machinery we use to keep the gardens thriving and tidy.

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