Garden Maintenance in Trafford

Garden Maintenance in Trafford Garden maintenance in Trafford is a helpful service provided by Northern Landscapes. Our RHS award winning team have established an excellent reputation in garden design, landscape and maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the design and landscaping work could be a waste of time and money. With proper maintenance, you enjoy a beautifully maintained garden for many years. When homebuyers are looking at your home, a mature garden is an important selling feature that adds value to your home. But your garden will never reach that lush, healthy mature condition without proper maintenance. That takes precious time, equipment and knowhow. Some people thrive on it and have time for it.

Our company is here to help those of you who don’t know a trowel from a spade and don’t want to know. For those in Trafford, garden maintenance carried out by our professional gardeners is affordable because you can customise our services to fit your needs and your budget. If we are doing the work, that means you are not so you are either using that time for work or relaxing. Either of those activities are a valuable use of time. Our efficiency is a savings because we can carry out regular maintenance quickly. We have a team of experts and all the necessary equipment to do a professional job. We can be at your house to tend your garden every week, once a season or whenever needed to keep your garden healthy.

Garden maintenance in Trafford is a big time saver for homeowners. However we also include commercial gardens as clients. Commercial settings, schools, golf courses and more benefit when they present a well maintained appearance. Our maintenance services are tailored to your garden needs and include lawns, tree care, shrub trimming, flowerbeds, water features and more. We have solutions for any trouble spots your garden may present. Contact Northern Landscapes and we can work out the best possible plan for garden maintenance regardless of the size of your garden. We guarantee your satisfaction whether you require daily, weekly, seasonal or just a once a year clean up.

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