Garden Maintenance in Timperley

Garden Maintenance in TimperleyGarden maintenance in Timperley can be a great help to everyone. This is because there are many services but you need only choose those you need; as many or as few. We tailor our maintenance service programmes to the individual customer and their lawn. After all, each garden is different too. We offer many services; each is carried out professionally using appropriate equipment and completed to the customers’ satisfaction. We take care of your lawn, trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, keeping them healthy and looking great. New plantings are also one of our services. So whether you need a new lawn installed, trees planted or a rose bush border, we can assure you will have strong, healthy plants.

The level of service you require from us depends on how much of the care you choose to carry out yourself. In Timperley, garden maintenance can include all weekly maintenance such as mowing, weeding, watering and trimming. Seasonal maintenance is 3 or 4 visits a year for fertilising, weed treatments, shrub trimming and shaping, tree pruning and mulching. We can do a late autumn clean-up of leaves and debris, removing bulbs for replanting in the spring, fertilising where needed and cleaning up flowerbeds. In spring, we would carry out another clean up to prepare the garden for spring planting and the growing season. A summer visit would check for drought, or low spots that may flood, add more mulch to retain moisture and check for and treat for insect infestations.

If you enjoy mowing the lawn, planting flowers and watering both on a consistent basis, then that’s fine. If you don’t want to do any of it, that’s fine too. Our team of weekly gardeners will show up promptly to maintain your garden like a show place and clean your patios and walkways. There will be no need for you to stock your garage with all the equipment, tools, and products. They take up space and require their own maintenance and repairs. Contact us and we’ll come out and evaluate your garden maintenance needs. We’re always happy to provide free advice and answers to questions. You can expect a professional level of service at very reasonable rates.

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