Garden Maintenance in Bowdon

Garden Maintenance in HaleGarden maintenance in Hale requires the use of many specialised garden tools. As in anything, gardening tasks are best done with the right tool for the job. The most basic list of garden maintenance tools would include at least one but maybe two lawnmowers. A wheelbarrow will help save your back. Power trimmers for shrubs and tree pruners to keep things tidy. Battery powered trimmers and edgers are needed for that professionally maintained look. Then of course there are the hand tools like rakes, spades, shovels, tillers and more. Of course, along with all the tools you also need to know where, when and how to use them.

All that seems time and concentration intensive doesn’t it? So, if you don’t have the time, the mind or the tools and all those bags of stuff in Hale, garden maintenance can still be done right. We offer garden maintenance at whatever level of help you prefer. Maybe you like mowing and edging the lawn and watering the flowers but don’t have the time, tools or know how for the quarterly weed and feed to keep the lawn green and lush. Raking all those leaves or mulching them in autumn takes hours that you don’t have. Or maybe you have a sciatic nerve in your lower back that screams at cross body motions like raking. Our team of professionals can take care of those big jobs for you so your lawn stays healthy and well groomed.

Garden maintenance in Hale by our team, in whole or in part, brings the knowledge and expertise to keep your garden looking great year around. We will see the first signs of damaging insects or underground animal damage and immediately set out to eliminate the threat. Invasive weeds can overtake large portions of your garden in a very short time if not dealt with right away. We know them when we see them and take immediate action. Most garden maintenance tasks can be completed much more quickly by our landscapers than an individual homeowner can do on his or her own. Contact us and let us quote some prices for part or all of your garden maintenance. We have the expertise, the right tool for every job and the manpower to work efficiently.

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