Garden Maintenance in Bowdon

Garden Maintenance in BowdonYour parents and grandparents probably took care of garden maintenance in Bowdon themselves. If they were skilled gardeners, their garden probably looked great. If not, then maybe they were at least able to keep the lawn decent and some flowers blooming. It may be that they had more time for garden maintenance than you do. Technology hasn’t saved us any time; it only allows us to do more. Changing lifestyles have also claimed our time. It’s common that both parents are working and engage their children in activities like sports or music on week-ends. Some activities even take our time on weeknights.

The demands on our time these days are greater than in grandpa’s day. In Bowdon, garden maintenance could be done after working an 8-hour day or on weekends that were usually free. The kids helped regardless of whatever else they wanted to do. When was the last time you worked an 8-hour day and had nothing else to do except eat dinner and read the paper? You work hard and you deserve a lovely well-maintained garden to spend your rare free time enjoying. Our rates are competitive for all levels of service. We have a team of professionals for every garden need. Our experienced team also has every type of equipment to do the job right. That alone frees up your garage space and leaves one less area to clean.

Garden maintenance in Bowdon is tailored to suit your needs and scheduled accordingly. We can do seasonal clean up and preparation four times a year or we can arrive weekly during the growing season to mow, weed and deep water. We can plant new shrubs, trees and flowers so they’ll flourish according to your preferences. Our services are as minimal or extensive as you choose. Contact Northern Landscapes and we will be happy to meet with you. Together, we can set up a garden maintenance programme that meets your needs and your budget. It’s quite a relief when you realise, at the end of a long hard week, that at least you don’t have to spend the weekend working in the garden.

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