Garden Maintenance in Altrincham

Garden Maintenance in AltrinchamGarden maintenance in Altrincham carried out by our team of professionals is a gift you give yourself. Your idea of enjoying a lovely garden may be a little different from your neighbours. You know the ones; they get up early every weekend and spend the days cutting, trimming, spraying, planting, pulling weeds and in general exhausting themselves. At the end of the day, they seem pleased as punch with themselves and their gardening efforts. There’s nothing wrong with that; clearly, for them, getting there is 90% of the fun. You, on the other hand, have no clue what those people are actually doing out in their garden or why. You know they have a lovely garden and you want the same for your home. The difference is you want to have a party at the end of the day not fall into bed exhausted from gardening.

You may not want to pull weeds and cut grass on Saturday mornings, preferring instead to relax on your patio with a coffee and admire your lovely garden. There’s nothing wrong with that when in Altrincham, garden maintenance is carried out by Northern Landscapes.  After all, you work hard all week and you want to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Maybe share your lovely garden setting with close friends while enjoying each other’s company. Those are worthy goals which are why we believe our services are a gift you give yourself because you’ve earned it. We can design and create a garden that gives you great pleasure and maintain it with timely attention as needed. Imagine the lovely evenings and weekends you’ll enjoy relaxing or entertaining in your garden.

Garden maintenance in Altrincham includes commercial clients as well as domestic. Aesthetically attractive corporate or commercial grounds reflect well on your business. We manage the landscape so it remains consistently well maintained. We also have contracts with schools to keep the grounds clean and safe for children’s play, game fields ready and an attractive setting to complement the school. Contact us for full maintenance care, design and installation of your garden, or just a bit of extra help to keep the landscape healthy. You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy a gorgeous garden and landscape. You just need to know the right experts to call.

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