Garden Services in Gatley

Garden Services in Gatley We provide a wide variety of garden services in Gatley that will enhance your gardening experience. A complete service would start with a design for your garden space and then installation according to design. After that we would carry out all weekly and seasonal maintenance. Perhaps you already have a lovely garden and you enjoy the weekly maintenance and care. However, you would like visits from us for seasonal clean ups, weeding, feeding and advice. We can schedule that work and carry it out for you. Your biggest concern may be your trees. We can check them for disease and keep them pruned and fertilised so they will stay strong and healthy. If you can’t or do not care to trim your hedges and shrubs, we have experts on our staff who can do it perfectly for you.

We’ve found that most people are happy to carry out some part of their garden maintenance on their home. For those in Gatley, garden services from our team fills in the gaps. Many people simply do not have the time for proper maintenance but they want a lovely garden for relaxing. Mowing once a week may be all the time you can spare. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, we can provide one off services to save you some preparation work. For instance, before your garden party, our team can clean the patio and fencing, freshen mulch, plant bright coloured annuals, carry out a fresh grass cut and crisp up the edging. That leaves you free to plan and enjoy your gathering.

Our available garden services in Gatley include the occasional addition you may want in your garden. We could plant a  new ornamental tree or add a peaceful water feature. Vegetable gardening is popular but not everyone loves all aspects of it. We can build a raised garden in a sunny area of your garden. We’ll fill it with the ideal soil mixture for growing healthy vegetables. You and your family can carry out the fun part of planting, weeding, harvesting and enjoying your produce from your own garden. You can grow a lot in a small space. Contact us for a quote on the garden services you need. We cover all of South Manchester with garden services for domestic and commercial clients.

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