5 ways your garden can add value to your home

With the weather improving, we are all spending more time in our gardens, using them as outdoor rooms for entertaining family and friends. From al fresco kitchens to stylish sheds, we’re keener than ever on gardens and rightly so, because a well-maintained garden can add a massive 20 per cent to your property value. You don’t need to spend a fortune as simpler, low maintenance gardens sell more easily. Here are 5 landscaping ideas that will help you make the most of your outdoor space.


Tackle basic maintenance

Weeding your patio, mowing the lawn and fixing those wonky fence panels can help to transform a scruffy garden into a purposefully rustic outdoor space. This will go a long way to showing off the space a property has to work with.

If you have grass, the best thing you can do is keep it short. Likewise, if you have a patio or decking, a pressure washer should be used to spray away any dirt and slime – it’s much more pleasing on the eye and one less chore for the buyer to worry about.

A good quality patio

A well-designed terrace extends the living environment of the house to the outside. Invest in good quality paving as you would with any flooring material inside the home as the perfect platform for outdoor furniture and fixtures. Make sure any changes or additions to the garden are modest, as anything that requires a lot of maintenance could hinder potential occupiers.


Add colourful plants

Where would a beautiful garden be without a few flowers brightening up the place? A sure-fire way to impress visitors is to add some plants and flowers to create an attractive space in full bloom. You don’t have to be an expert horticulturalist to do this either, as there are many easy-care species you can populate your garden with — your local garden centre should be able to help with advice. Ready-made pots and baskets provide an instant pop of colour.

An outdoor room

While many of us would upgrade to a bigger, better home if we had the chance, a renovation can be a highly expensive process. Enter, the garden building. This adds the extra space and can also be done at a fraction of the cost to an extension.

A garden building, be it a shed, al fresco kitchen or kid’s den, can be an attractive proposition for a new buyer, providing a convenient storage solution and helping to free up clutter.


Set the scene

Outdoor furniture helps potential buyers visualise how their garden could look. It can be easy to set the scene with a stylish dining set or some loungers, which can be accompanied with outdoor lights and a fire pit, showing how they can spend their nights even after the sun goes down.

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